Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Top 100 Dunks of All Time - 2010 Edition (AWESOME)

The title to this dunk compilation is slightly deceiving since it actually leaves out a ton of the classic dunks you are used to seeing from the NBA, ABA and college basketball but that was kind of the point.  It's called the 2010 edition for a reason.  These are some of the best new dunks the producer was able to find from across the world and not just in the pros or organized ball.  It could just be some dude at the playground or at a gym but as long as it's a dope dunk, it could make the cut.

I think it's a nice take on the usual "best dunks" compilations since those have been done to death and we've all seen the same dunks over and over again.  This one adds in streetballers and professional dunkers which allows for a much more diverse list and adds some of the craziest dunks you've ever seen that wouldn't be possible in live games.  I've featured a lot of these dunks on this site over the past few years but there are plenty of new ones in there as well.  Enjoy...

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