Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Basketball Without Backboards (CRAZY)

Although this seems like a fairly logical evolution of the game of basketball, it's still weird as shit to see people playing on hoops without backboards.  Something about it just looks strange.  The crazy thing is though, people have been slowly adapting to this style of play over the past few decades as the bank shot has almost become nonexistent except for a few shots like layups or running jumpers.

Most players always go for the swish except for a few throwbacks like Tim Duncan because it just looks better when you make it rain and barely move the net.  We've been taught since a young age to go right at the rim and are never taught to use the backboard properly so we might as well remove it.  A bank shot almost feels like you're cheating. 

I could definitely see this new style of hoops catching on in the next couple of years, at least with men's leagues and for streetball leagues like in the video above.  Every sport needs to evolve eventually and maybe this is one of the changes the sports needs to take in the next few decades.  People always talk about raising the hoop but I think this would prove enough of a challenge to change the game and make it a little more difficult to play.  We shall see...

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