Friday, January 14, 2011

J-Byrd - "Green & Yellow" Packers Theme Over the "Black & Yellow" Beat (HOT)

The "Black & Yellow" beat has officially been murdered to death since everyone and their mother has jumped on it to create their own version at this point but I had to give this little dude J-Byrd credit for his Packers themed "Green & Yellow".

I gotta give the kid props for representing his hometown team and also dropping one of the most impressive flows I've ever heard for a 13 year old.  He starts off a little slow but destroys the second half of each of his verses.  He brings a rapid fire flow that most well known rappers couldn't even mess with.  Very impressive. 

Hopefully he sticks with it and improves his game over the next couple of years because he has some potential. He is signed to DJ Hurricane's (formerly of the Beastie Boys) record label so I expect to hear more from him soon. 

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