Thursday, January 13, 2011

English Bulldog Dancing to Junior Mafia's "Player's Anthem" (BADASS)

How freakin' awesome are bulldogs? Seriously.  Not only can they ride skateboards but they also have excellent taste in Hip Hop Classics.  This dude is just chillin' by the pool, bobbing his head to Junior Mafia's "Player's Anthem" like it ain't no thang.  He probably just hit the blunt and now he's just vibin' and waiting for someone to go get him a bowl filled with his 40 oz. of O.E.  What a badass. 

My bulldog Boomer is pretty cool himself but he's a little unstable so I'm not sure he's capable of just relaxing and letting the beat ride like this guy.  I have noticed that his ears perk up whenever there is some Rap music playing so maybe he has the same taste but just doesn't expresses his connection to the music in the same way.  He does like to chill by the pool though.  I have no idea why Bulldogs want to be near the water but are deathly afraid of it.  Weirdos.  They're still the best dogs ever though.

Here's the unedited version which is slightly less annoying than the edited one above but it's also sideways for some f'n reason so it also kind sucks in it's own way.  No idea how that happens...

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