Friday, January 14, 2011

Random Ish - Nasty 8 Year Olds Freestyle Dancing, Plus Other Dancing Shenanigans

These little dudes can get down!  Damn!  Is there anything better than seeing little kids ripping it up on the dance floor better than 98% of most adults?  I'm pretty sure they are freestyling most of this routine too.  Very impressive.

This is on some dumb shit but I thought it was kind of funny.  It's obviously a clip of some rednecks doing some line dancing type shit that was dubbed over with The Game & 50 Cent's "How We Do".

Along the same lines is this video of some dudes in Turkey doing their thing to a Dougie track.  One dude even breaks out a gat and starts poppin'. Kind of funny...

This might be the best one of them all.  Some dude in the crowd got up and danced to Michael Jackson during a Bobcats game and absolutely killed it!  He ended up getting a standing ovation and even had all of the players watching him.  Impressive...

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