Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday Throwbacks: "Cassette Era" Mini Doc w/ Nas; Plus "NY State of Mind"

This is such a crazy video.  This shit took me back to the days of making pause tapes!  I used to do the exact same thing Nas was explaining by searching the radio dial back and forth hoping to catch that next dope song and not miss the intro so you could record it for your mixtape.  I used to hate it when the radio DJ would talk all over the intro so I would try and catch it perfectly and start recording on the hook or 1st verse.  Then when it was done, I would pause and rewind a little bit to stop it on the last beat so when the next song came in it was like I was mixing them together.  Shit was tight! 

Too bad the kids these days don't know nothing about that.  They don't understand the work that went in back in the day just to hear your favorite song.  You couldn't just download it or do a search on your computer and hear it at any time.  You either got it off of the radio or had to go out and buy the whole album which was crazy expensive. 

I  think that's why the older Hip Hop Heads like myself made such a connection to the music back then and why we defend old school Rap so strongly against the music of today.  We weren't just listening to the music.  We were fully immersed with it in every possible way.  It was like a job because of the work that went in but you didn't care because you loved it.  Ain't nothing like the Old School... 

Nas - "NY State of Mind"

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