Monday, January 24, 2011

Mark Sanchez Wipes Booger On Mark Brunell (GROSS)

Yes, this is dumb but it's kind of funny and it basically symbolizes what happened to the Jets season last night.  The Steelers wiped their big booger on the entire Jets team.  I know.  They beat the Pats pretty easily last weekend so I am still bitter but they deserved to get beat after all the smack they talked and how they celebrated in Foxboro.  Karma's a bitch like that. 

It's kind of sad that I had to root for the Steelers because I wanted the Jets to lose so bad but it was the lesser of two evils.  I will be switching my allegiance to the Packers for the Super Bowl so the Steelers can get a bitch of a bitch smack as well...

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