Friday, January 7, 2011

Jay Electronica & Mtn Dew Code Red Commercial: "Hip Hop is Different on the Mountain"

I have no idea how I stumbled across this Mountain Dew ad featuring Jay Electronica because I've never actually seen it on TV but I have to admit, it's a cool collabo.  It's nice to see a big company linking up with an underground artist for one of their promos.  They are obviously trying to gain some street cred by working with him so that they can show they are "hip" but inadvertently, they are giving Jay Electronica some of the shine he deserves and introducing him potentially to a new and larger audience.  He's obviously getting paid for it as well. Ain't nothing wrong with that! 

The actual concept of the spot was actually really solid too.  It just shows Jay zoning out for a good minute and a half while he spits some major heat.  You never really know if he is really performing in front of a crowd and then zones out to pretend there is no one there OR if there really is no one around him and he just pretends the crowd is out there while he gets ready for his show.  Very cool. 

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