Monday, January 24, 2011

Nasty Alley Oop Reverse Dunk by Blake Griffin (SICK)

I didn't have much to choose from to start the week off so I thought I'd hit you off with another nasty Blake Griffin dunk that took place over the weekend.  If you watched SportsCenter at all, you probably saw this a dozen times already but I still think it's worth another look.  He threw this down with ease even though it has to be one of the harder in game dunks.  Dude is so sick. 

While I was looking for this one, I stumbled across another one that wasn't even a dunk but was still pretty impressive.  Baron Davis tried to hit him with a 70 foot alley oop and almost pulled it off even though Griffin was probably fouled.  One of these days, I am sure they will connect on one of these and tear the roof off the building because the crowd will lose their shit...

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