Friday, January 28, 2011

Wiz Khalifa - "Big Screen" (NEW ISH)

Awww shit!  My man Wiz is back at it again.  This song is so dope that I don't even care that he's using AutoTune even though it's one of my biggest pet peeves and I usually consider it as a sign of weakness or no talent.  Luckily, he makes it work and it allows him to do something different so I'm OK with it.  If you make a dope song using AutoTune, I will let it slide.

"Big Screen" has more of an R&B feel than Wiz's normal sound but it's definitely hot and will probably end up being a solid hit in the next couple of months.  The song is being taken down from YouTube left and right so I have a feeling this could be his next single since there are a ton of other tracks that stay up and have millions of views.  It seems like his label is trying to keep this one under wraps for as long as possible.  I'll try and keep it updated but the chances of this lasting more than a few days isn't too high.

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