Friday, January 29, 2010

Weightlifter Deadlifts Then Passes Out Face First Into Weight Rack (AWESOME)

Now this is what you call the perfect viral video. It's short and to the point but it's packed with plenty of unintentional comedy. I don't think think there is any question that this was real because his legs completely gave out as he fell like a ton of bricks into the weight rack without even coming close to breaking his fall. 

The dude had to get stitches on his chin and unless your Steve-O from jackass, you're not doing that to yourself just for fun or YouTube fame.  I think the best part of the video might have been the completely ridiculous and over the top yell after completing the lift.  Really guy?!?!  I also love that he not only posted the video himself but also tried to defend looking like an idiot because the endorphins kicked in. HA!  Nice try homey! 

Check out his breakdown of the situation from the YouTube description.  He even provides before and after stitches photos!

"I started strength training a month before this video was taken. When I started, I was able to deadlift 245 before my grip gave out.

I know my form breaks and I lift partially with my rounded back which I'm sure sends me straight to hell. I lifted the next day and will continue to get stronger. Passing out had nothing to do with form and everything to do with getting stoked to a previously unimaginable level. You should try it sometime. I was still high off of the endorphins after my chin was stitched up." 

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