Friday, January 22, 2010

2010 NBA Slam Dunk Contestants Announced; No LeBron (DISAPPOINTING)

We all knew this was coming since it seemed to good to be true but I think most  hoops fan were in denial and were hoping LeBron James would still actually enter the 2010 NBA Slam Dunk Contest based on his statement at the 2009 Dunk Contest.  It's understandable that he dropped out though.  Just check out this horrendous lineup:

Shannon Brown
L.A. Lakers
Gerald Wallace
Nate Robinson
New York*
DeMar DeRozan
Eric Gordon
L.A. Clippers**

* - indicates 2009 winner
** - will compete in the NBA All-Star Dunk-In to determine fourth dunker

In all honesty, there are actually some decent dunkers in that lineup but we don't have any real big name stars to get the fringe NBA fans excited.  Nate Robinson is well known for being in the dunk contest and for beating Dwight Howard last year but I think it's safe to say we are all sick of him at this point.  It makes sense that he would want to defend his title though.

Gerald Wallace and Shannon Brown are my two favorites to win this thing.  They are both sick in-game dunkers so I'm hoping that carries over to the actual contest.  Based on the past, that isn't always the case but I think they both have some serious contest potential.  Gerald Wallace was in the dunk contest in 2002 and he looked pretty good but I'm expecting even more this time around.

Shannon Brown seems like he would benefit from the adrenaline of dunking in a game and I'm not sure where he is on the creativity meter but he has some serious hops so I think he can put together a decent routine.

One new "feature" is the Dunk-In. DeMar Rozan of the Raptors and Eric Gordon of the Clippers will compete at halftime of the Rookie game on Friday to determine who will be the 4th dunker on Saturday night.  It seems like a cheesy gimmick but maybe it will work.  Who really knows. 

I wish this Dunk-In would allow a non-NBA player to fight for a chance to make it in to real dunk contest so we could see some new creative dunks from people like Guy Dupuy from Team Flight Brothers.  Are you telling me that people wouldn't get jacked up for the Dunk Contest again if they knew this guy was going to be in it?  Come on now!  Dude is sick!

You can always argue that he's not an NBA player so it will never happen but don't forget about Craig Hodges being allowed to defend his 3-Point Contest title in 1993 without being on an NBA roster.  If you want the Dunk Contest to stay relevant and take it to the next level at the same time, I think it makes sense to allow one non-NBA guy to earn his way into the contest.  It couldn't hurt because after this year, I'm assuming no one is going to give a shit about it again, just like it was just a few short years ago before Dwight Howard brought it back to relevance.

And as I mentioned before, LeBron James declined to enter this season, even though he put his name in during last year's dunk contest.  WEAK!  At the same time, I can't blame him.  If Dwight Howard was in it along with another big name, I think LeBron would be willing to give it a shot but I think he was all set once he saw this list. What's the point?  He would destroy all of these dudes but if he lost, he would be a chump.  There is no real advantage to him entering, at least this season.  Check out's take on the situation as they try to convince him to reconsider. 

What do you think? Will you watch the 2010 NBA Dunk Contest or will you pass? - Addicted to Sneakers, Sports, Hip Hop and Gadgets

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