Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jets Fan Almost Tasered by Indy Police at AFC Championship Game (WEAK)

After looking at all the videos and reading a few articles, it seems like this guy Patrick Mallon from Brick, NJ was never actually tasered but one of the cops did threaten to use one. Either way, it is still ridiculous considering it looks like he wasn't too much of a threat. The video didn't capture Mallon (supposedly) blocking the cops from driving through but according to witnesses (a few called in to the Opie and Anthony show) he wasn't really paying attention, didn't see the cop cars coming through and it wasn't intentional at all. 

Even if he had been purposely blocking the cars or acting like a drunk idiot, this is a complete overreaction by the police. People are tailgating and having a few drinks. Settle down. Sure, get out and rip him a new asshole for not being aware of the cop cars coming through but grabbing him, throwing him up against the hood, arresting him and threatening to taser him is just unnecessary.

Jets fans in general are serious douchebags and I really haven't met one I like to this day but I'll actually stick up for them in this instance. This is just some serious bullshit and it probably wouldn't have happened had he been wearing a Colts jersey. On a somewhat positive note, at least almost everyone has video capabilities on their cellphone these days so the cops can't get away with this bullshit anymore. It's no longer their word against yours like it used to be because in that case, you would always lose.

People actually have proof of their abuse of power now and hopefully it will get those few out of control police officers to think twice about their actions. I know they have a very tough job and I totally appreciate what they do but I think they have better things to worry about than someone like this guy having some fun at a tailgate during the AFC Championship Game.  Relax!

Here's another look at the incident in three parts: - Addicted to Sneakers, Sports, Hip Hop and Gadgets

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