Friday, June 12, 2009

Random Ish to End the Week Right (VIDEOS)

"How to Tell Real Boobs from Implants" - Some of us need more help than others in this department than others.  I have to admit that I'm not so good at this myself.  Boobs are boobs to me and I don't usually discriminate but once in awhile you just need to know.  This helpful guide will have you spotting fake titties in no time!

You will probably appreciate this video a little bit more if you've actually seen Slumdog Millionaire already but it's still funny either way.  I think I would like to see this version made as a sequel.

As we've seen previously here and here, little kids dancing will always be funny and put you in a good mood.  A little fat white kid doing a dance off against a little black kid with some skills is even better.  I almost lost my shit when the kid in the back commented on the fat kids second dance and was like "Oooh! He's like fight dancin'!  Oh!  HE's SUPPOSED TO BE KRUMPIN'!".  Ha Ha!!!

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