Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Judah Friedlander is the World Champion of Ping Pong (NASTY!)

Judah Friedlander aka the Trucker Hat guy from 30 Rock is not exactly what you would call an athlete.  Actually, you probably wouldn't call anyone that played Ping Pong/Table Tennis an athlete since it's played mostly by potheads and nerds in basements across the world.  There is defintiely some athletic skill involved with the game when you play on a high level though.  I will give them that.  

Judah is a tubby bearded slob that reminds you more of a homeless man than someone who would be good at any kind of "sport" but I have to say that this dude has some serious skills at Pong.  I'm pretty sure the video was not edited in any way either.  I think he is just that nasty.  I never would have guessed that one but it sounds like he had years of practice playing by himself in his Mom's basement.  That makes sense now... 


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