Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thug Story - Taylor Swift ft. T-Pain (NOT BAD BUT WTF?!?)

Click this link below if the video is dead:

I was cringing before I even saw this video but I have to admit it was a little better than I expected.  Taylor Swift aka T-Swift aka T-Swizzy is actually pretty decent on the M-I-C considering her corny ass lyrics and pop-country roots.  If she switched it up a bit and took it a little more serious I think she could actually pull this off for a full song or even an album.  Compared to some of the other crap out there these days, this isn't that bad or any worse.  She could probably do an R&B album to utilize her singing voice too.  Why the hell not?  It's not like there is that much competition these days since all of the Rap and R&B chicks have fallen off the map.

T-Pain helped her out with this track as a joke for the CMT Awards so I give them props for coming up with something fairly funny and somewhat entertaining for an awards show that no one watches or knew existed.  I love that T-Pain doesn't take himself seriously at all and will literally jump on any track with any joker.  Keep riding that Autotune train for as long as you can because that shit is ending soon.  Get that money, man!  

This reminded me of another famous hot chick coming out of nowhere with a halfway decent rap.  Natalie Portman's hardcore rap on SNL last year was UNREAL.  She was definitely way more intense and I think her rapping skills are much better.  She was on some of that Onyx/NWA "I don't give a F%$k" tip.  I would definitely buy her album.  I love me some Natalie Portman!  HOT!!!

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