Monday, June 22, 2009

"Baby T-Pain" - Autotuned Crying (RANDOM)

I think this video proves that you need absolutely zero skill to make it in the music industry if you are using Autotune.  Someone had the clever idea to record a baby crying and then run it through the Autotone program and the results were crazy.  The baby actually sounds like it's singing even though it is losing it's mind crying it's ass off.  If you throw a decent beat in the back and chop up the crying you could probably make this a radio hit.  It's not much worse than any of the other autotuned crap that is currently popular.

I might need to find a way to make a portable Autotune machine that parents can use to make their babies crying sound somewhat listenable like this.  I would make a freakin' killing on that product...

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