Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lil Wayne - "Kobe Bryant" (DOPE SONG)

I expected to hate this song as much as I hate Kobe but I have to admit this is some hot ass shit.  This is just a dope all around track from the beat to the lyrics to the quotes.  I think the audio samples from other athletes really completes it.

Wayne wasn't playin' with this one and he definitely brought his A game like Kobe always does on the court.  He didn't have any of that lazy recycled garbage that he's been spittin' lately.  I guess you gotta step it up when you make a whole song about one of the greatest players of this generation. 

If the Lakers and the Staples Center were smart, they would download this ASAP, clean it up and play it at tonights game. That would get the crowd and team fired up beyond belief and might help Kobe go off for 40+ in Game 1.  I am sure they probably won't get their hands on this until about Game 5 if at all but it would be cool as hell to hear that blasting over the stadium speakers during intros or warm ups.  We'll see.  

DOWNLOAD Lil Wayne's "Kobe Bryant" before the link is dead.

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