Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jimmy Fallon To Play Tiger on Wii on Late Night Thursday (COOL)

I never thought I'd say it but Jimmy Fallon is totally representing for Gen X (and maybe even some of Gen Y) in the late night TV game.  First he signed The Roots as his house band which was one of the most incredibly unexpected announcements ever.  Then he had the smokin' hot Anna Kournikova on the show to play Beer Pong/Beirut in a short skirt and tight shirt which was unbelievable.  Now he is challenging Tiger Woods to his own game on the Nintendo Wii and they will be playing each other live on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon this Thursday, June 25th.  Very cool.

Fallon just seems to understand what would be interesting and cool for the younger generation or maybe he just has an awesome staff that comes up with these great ideas.  Either way, he is putting out some must see late night television which is pretty much an oxymoron.  Hell, I don't think anyone under 50 has ever said they HAD to watch a late night show because they were afraid they would miss something good.  I think this cat has something good going for himself and he might be around for a lot longer than I ever expected.  I'll definitely be tuning in for this event tomorrow night.   

UPDATE:  Here is the actual clip from the show.  Both were pretty horrible but Fallon pulled it out in the end.  I'm not so sure about that one handed swing but I guess you gotta do whatever it takes gets it done.  It obviously works for him.  You would think Tiger would be better at his own game, especially for instances like this when gets challenged in public.  Weak Tiger.  WEAK!

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