Thursday, June 11, 2009

Nike's Air Yeezy Commercial (STRANGE)

I'm confused about two things here.  First off, why did Nike bother making a commercial/video for the Air Yeezy?  There is no way in hell you will ever see a pair in stores unless you wait in line for days so it's not like they needed to build a buzz.  Everyone that was going to buy a pair already knew about them because of all the crazy hype on every sneaker related site over the past 6 months. 

Secondly, am I supposed to believe that aliens created this shoe or Kanye is an alien or both?  This video pretty much made zero sense.  I guess I'm not surprised though.  And why were there a pair of low top Nike Blazers all busted up lying on the ground?  Confusing.  Whatever though.  I still love the shoe.  Too bad I will never get my hands on a pair because I actually have a job and can't wait in line for a week to get a pair of $215 sneakers.  WEAK!

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