Thursday, June 11, 2009

"You Do Steroids!" Chant to A-Rod by Fenway Fans (OWNED)

"You Do Steroids!!!  Clap, Clap, CLAP-CLAP-CLAP!!!  

HA HA!  Classic.  This chant was bound to happen at some point this season but we just didn't know how or when it would present itself.  As soon as I heard A-Rod got caught for steroid use a few months ago, I instantly thought about how relentless Red Sox fans would be at Fenway once the Yankees came to town. 

The Sox are completely OWNING the Yankees this season (7-0) and I think the fans at Fenway were getting bored with the lack of competition.  When that happens, people get drunker and rowdier and hysterical chants start to float around the stands.  Most of them usually suck or are lame cliche's by some douchebag with no creativity but I thought this one was fairly solid.  It's simple but effective.  I hope I can get some tickets to a Sox/Yanks series before the end of the season so I can join in on the Gay-Rod bashing.  That never gets old.

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