Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lamar Odom is the Candy Man (CRAZY)

This story is absolutely crazy!  If you've been watching SportsCenter lately, you've probably seen this already but it's definitely worth another look.  Lamar Odom is addicted to candy like it's crack.  He even sounded like a drug dealer when he said "I'm the supplier on the team.  If you need that candy fix on the team, I got it.".  WOW.

How is it possible to be a professional athlete by eating candy for breakfast, lunch and dinner?  How has the team doctor not intervened?  How has Odom not passed out on the court from a sugar rush and then crash?  It's unreal.  Imagine if he had proper eating habits or better yet, his own personal chef?  I bet this guy could put on 20 pounds of muscle and would be an absolute beast. 

He is still a great player but he is also known to be very inconsistent and can disappear in games for long stretches.  I really think his eating habits have something to do with that.  Dr. Daniel Amen, a child and adult psychiatrist in Newport Beach, tends to agree.  He recently wrote an essay stating that this is probably one of the main reasons for Odom's erratic play.  Everyone knows you get out of your body what you put in it.  If you give it only sugar you are bound to lose energy at times when you need it most.  The fact that he can play a full game without falling asleep on the bench is a miracle.

By the way, this will probably be the last you hear about the Lakers or the NBA Finals in general other than a few highlight videos here an there.  I absolutely HATE both of these teams but I do think it will be an entertaining series nonetheless. 

If I had to root for a team, it would be the Magic even though they are a bunch of whining babies that complain about every call and have no real heart.  Somehow they have made it way further than anyone expected so I guess they are doing something right.  They are looking unstoppable of late and I really think they will give the Lakers some serious matchup problems.  If they keep shooting at this ridiculous percentage, they could very easily win this series.  I'm going to take the Magic in 6 games just to piss off all of the Lakers fans out there.  Suck it, bitches!

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