Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Megan Fox is HOT - Part 3 (KIMMEL AND LETTERMAN)

I have no idea what Megan Fox was talking about in this interview but who gives a shit.  She's hot as hell!!!  I don't care if she has the brain of a capuchin monkey.  I'm not really interested in what she "thinks".  She's still the hottest piece of ass in Hollywood right now and that's all that really matters.   

On another note, I have never seen Kimmel and Letterman so nervous interviewing a guest.  It's like they were 12 year old boys talking to a hot chick in the hallway for the first time.  I think Jimmy might have even busted a nut when Megan asked "Am I touching your penis?"  Shit.  I think I just did myself!  It's understandable though.  Megan Fox is FIRE!!!

If the Letterman video above doesn't work, check out CBS.com for the clip.


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