Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"Press Hop" - Hip Hop Mix of The Best Sports Tirades (DECENT)

This is a nice little mashup video of Sports and Hip Hop that was created by DJ Steve Porter.  He combines almost all of the best post-game tirades with a dope beat to create the track "Press Hop".  He does a nice job of scratching and editing the best lines (mostly on beat) to form a fairly complete song and very enjoyable video.  I think I heard some Autotune being used to bring some of those guys on pitch.  Nice!  I approve of Autotune usage in this instance but kill that noise for anything else!

Although I definitely enjoyed the video, it's still not as good as DJ Jazzy Jeff's "Practice" featuring J-Live.  He takes the Allen Iversion practice tirade and absolutely CRUSHES it.  "Not a game!  Not a game!  We talkin' bout PRACTICE!!!"


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