Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Leprechaun in the Hood - Happy St. Patrick's Day! (CLASSIC)

Happy St. Patrick's Day MoFo's!!!  My favorite holiday of the year is finally here.  I love having an excuse to wear all green with shamrocks on my forehead and drink heavily on a Tuesday night without anyone yelling at me and telling me I have a drinking problem.  The only thing that would make this day better is if the NCAA Tournament started today instead of Thursday.

Actually, maybe it's a good thing that it's not on the same day.  That could be a total shitshow, especially up here in Boston.  I already had to deal with the nutjobs at the Southie Parade on Sunday and I had to walk a country mile to my apartment because there was zero parking anywhere in the city on Saturday.  I think I have had enough of the drunktards for one week but it looks like I will have to deal with them for one more day...
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Anyway, now that the this magical day of drinking and debauchery is here, I thought it would be great to commemorate it with one of the all time classic YouTube videos "Leprechaun in the Ghetto" (above).  I'm sure you've seen this video by now since it's been around for years but it's always worth watching it again because it is so freakin' awesome.  I can't believe this was a real news story but I guess there isn't much happening down in Mobile, Alabama except for insane High School Basketball fights.

Here are the highlights:
- Random dude with tilted hat and gold tooth: "Who else seen the Leprechaun, say YEAH!!!" 
(Crowd Response:  YEAAAAHHH!!!)
- The fantastic "amateur sketch" of the leprechaun that looks like it was drawn by a 4 year old.
- Lady with fake nails in car: "It could be a crackhead that got a hold of the wrong stuff...and it told him to get up in a tree and play a leprechaun" (HA HA!)
- Dude with dreads and sunglasses: "I'mma run a backo and uproot that tree.  I WANNA KNOW WHERE DA GOLD AT!!!"

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