Sunday, March 1, 2009

Patriots Update - Vrabel and Cassell to Chiefs; Brady marries Giselle

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There has been some big New England Patriot news in the past few days.   We first heard that Mike Vrabel was headed to the Kansas City Chiefs.  It was disappointing because he has been a big key to the New England defense and a great locker room influence.  He can also make a few catches on the goal line when needed as well.  He was the type of guy you love to have on your team.  He is getting older and more expensive so it is understandable that the Patriots were willing to let him go.

Fast forward just two days later and we find out that Matt Cassell is also being shipped to Kansas City with Vrabel for just a second round draft pick (#34) in 2009.  It seems fairly lopsided but unfortunately that is how it seems to work in the NFL.  A second round pick is a coveted thing because players age very quickly in the NFL and a team like the Patriots is always looking for ways to save money and get younger.

It will be tough to see Cassell go because he showed Patriot fans that he can play with the best of them this season even though he hadn't started a football game since HIGH SCHOOL before this season.  That's crazy!  It just goes to show you how good he could be as he continues to grow as a player.  It seemed obvious that the Pats were trying to get some value for him in a potential trade after they franchised him just a few weeks ago.  It would have been great to have him as our backup but he was just too good and too expensive to make that realistic.  I will definitely be following him for the rest of his career and wish him the best.  I would have loved to have seen what could have happened had the Pats had made the playoffs but some things aren't meant to be.  I am sure we will see him in the NFL Playoffs at some point very soon. 

I think this is a good sign that Brady is definitely going to be OK to play next season as well.  If there was any question if he would be ready this season, they would have kept Cassell.  That should be GREAT news for all Patriot fans.
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Speaking of Brady, you probably already knew that Tom was engaged to smokin' hot super model Giselle Bundchen.  Well, it's been confirmed that they tied the knot this past Thursday.  I'm sure you don't really care that much because we knew it was happening soon enough but it gives me a good excuse to put up some hot pictures of Giselle.  Ain't nothing wrong with that!  Enjoy!
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Giselle Bundchen Pictures, Images and Photos
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Giselle Bundchen Pictures, Images and Photos
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Giselle Bundchen Pictures, Images and Photos

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