Friday, March 27, 2009

Tony Kornheiser (PTI): Matt Lauer Lied About Bike Accident (FUNNY)

Normally I wouldn't post something that involves something as awful as the Today Show but this video turned out to be pretty damn funny.  Tony Kornheiser blasted Matt Lauer on Pardon The Interruption the other day and claimed that he must be lying about his supposed bike accident in which he hit a deer.  You have to admit, the story does sound a little ridiculous.  I love that Tony K. called him out in his typical over the top style. 

The next day, they invited Kornheiser on the Today Show and they ended up with this hysterical interaction.  I think it's safe to say that Tony completely PWNED Matt Lauer and had everyone in the studio laughing their ass off.  He can be a grumpy negative bastard but he's also really funny when he wants to be.  Good stuff....

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