Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rick Ross ft. John Legend - "Magnificent" (Official Video)

Say what you like about Rick Ross but through all of the madness over the past year, the big dude just keeps on making good ass music.  I love this new track "Magnificent" with John Legend.  This is going to be a great track to pump in the ride with the windows down once the spring and summer weather finally hits.  It's just a chill ass song to ride and vibe to.   The video is pretty dope too.

His lame beef with 50 Cent never seems to end and he still keeps catching heat for being a correctional officer in the past (not a cop like everyone makes it out to be) but he just keeps on pushing on.  Based on all of the other tracks I've heard from his new album "Deeper Than Rap" (dropping April 21), this one is going to be a banger.  BOSS!!!

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