Monday, March 30, 2009

Auto-Tuning with Vimeo's J-Pain (HYSTERICAL!)

I meant to put this video up on Friday but I figured three posts while at work was probably pushing it already.  I wasn't sure what the hell this video would be about due to the lack of information in the title ("Auto Tuning) and slow start but it got better once things got going.  I highly recommend you stick with it. 

This is probably one of the funniest usages of the Auto-Tune feature I've seen yet.  The self proclaimed J-Pain of the Vimeo staff downloaded Auto-Tune to his computer and seems like he is a little too obsessed with it's capabilities. 

My favorite line was the "I've got those beautiful 300x250 ads...above the fold!".  That line is probably only funny for the few hundred people who work in the online ad industry or someone that has their own website but I don't give a shit.  It had me crackin' up and that's all that matters. 

This is probably where they got the idea for the sketch in the first place.  I might have to get this for my computer at work too so I can piss off all of the people that sit around me.  Classic:

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