Monday, March 16, 2009

Team Flight Brothers: 5'7" Area 51's 50+ Inch Vertical (INSANE!)

Team Flight Brothers did it again with another crazy video!  How do they keep finding these dudes?  I think all of the dunkers on their roster are half alien or some shit because the verticals on these guys are not human.

Speaking of aliens, above is a video of Chand aka Area51.  I guess the name fits him right.  This kid is 5'7" at best and he has a 50+ inch vertical jump!  He would absolutely DESTROY Nate Robinson in a battle of the little dunkers.  He is almost hitting his head on the rim and he could probably jump over Yao Ming (7'6") without having to jump off his back like Nate did to Dwight Howard. 

Check out this still pic I grabbed of Area51's between the legs dunk towards the end of the video.  Not only did his head almost hit the rim but his foot is almost at the net!  WTF?!?!?  RIDICULOUS!!!

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