Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lil Kim's First Appearance on Dancing With the Stars (DECENT)

No, I do not watch this awful excuse for a TV show. OK, I take that back.  I do watch a little bit of the first episode of the season once in awhile when the pre-wife demands to watch it. I like to at least check out the hot chicks they have on the show for the season and see how they look in those slutty little dresses.  That gets old after about 5 minutes though and then I start to fall asleep from being so bored. Other than that, Dancing with the Stars is a complete waste of time and will make you dumber and fruitier for watching it.

The reason why I am posting something about this awful show is the fact that it's somewhat Hip Hop related with Lil Kim being a contestant on the show this season. She actually looked decent (dancing at least) and much better than I expected considering she was the first contestant to perform. She even gave a shout out to all her girls at the Federal Detention Center. Classy.

I have to ask WTF happened to her face though? She doesn't even come close to resembling the foul mouth little diva that Biggie used to get with back in the day. She even talks like a white girl from the valley now. What happened to the Brooklyn accent? If he was still around today, I don't think he would be feeling her new look at all.  He would have told her to beat it a long time ago.

Check the transformation. It's sad, scary, gross and creepy all at the same time. At least her body is lookin' fly from all of that plastic surgery:
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