Monday, March 23, 2009

March Madness: Two Great Finishes from the Weekend (NICE)

There haven't been a ton of upsets in the NCAA tournament this season but the games have still been fun to watch and there have been a of great finishes.  Above is a video mix of the Western Kentucky vs. Gonzaga and Duke vs. Texas games from Saturday night.  Both were great games and came down to the wire.

The Western Kentucky vs. Gonzaga game had a crazy ending with two great shots to end the game.  Western Kentucky might have gotten a little too relaxed after taking the lead on a tip in basket with about 7 seconds remaining.  Instead of playing lock down D, they let Gonzaga's Demetri Goodson go all the way down the court for a fairly uncontested layup/short jumper to win the game.  The kid is only a Freshman but has balls the size of a medicine ball.  He should have done the Sam Cassell big ball dance right after hitting that shot.  That's how you do it!

Western Kentucky's coach was all fired up because he claimed he called a timeout with .9 seconds remaining but his team threw the ball in too quickly and the refs did not see the coach calling timeout.  He does have a legitimate beef because the refs should be looking for a TO in that situation but he has to be more upset with his team for not knowing to call it on their own.  Either way, I think Gonzaga would have won but that's a tough way to go out. 

The Duke game came down to an incredible play after a missed shot by Texas.  The Longhorns would have ended up with the ball out of bounds and a chance for another shot to tie but Jon Scheyer was able to grab the ball before it went out of bounds and fling it behind his back the other side of the court where teammate Elliott Williams was fouled in the open court and put the game away with two free throws.  That took some serious quick thinking and great court awareness to do that. Texas had no shot at the ball in the front court and ended up making the mistake of an open court foul as well.  Damn. 

My brackets are looking pretty good still as most of my Sweet 16 is still in tact but I need UNC to win it all if I have any chance of winning to pool.  Let's go Tarheels!!!

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