Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Danica McKellar aka Winnie Cooper Gets Married and Strips (DECENT)

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I know that title is a little deceiving but I can only fit so much up there.  Danica McKellar aka Winnie Cooper of Wonder Years fame just got married over the weekend.  Big whoop.  I'm sure you don't really care because I could really give a shit myself.  One good thing that came from this useless information was the fact that I stumbled across some half naked pictures of Winnie Cooper from Stuff Magazine in 2005.  Ain't nothing wrong with that!

Although she's not as hot as I thought she was when I was a horny teenager in puberty watching the Wonder Years, I do have to say that she is still pretty fly in these pics.  I saw a few more recent photos from her wedding and she isn't holding up as well these days but I'll pretend I never saw those and just focus on the good stuff below.  Airbrushing can do wonders, huh?
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