Monday, March 30, 2009

Celtics vs. Thunder - Pierce Drops 27 Pts. and Rondo Amazes (AGAIN)

You probably didn't catch the Celtics game last night because you were in the corner kicking and screaming because your NCAA bracket had officially been dismantled by Michigan State and Villanova.  I have to admit that I forgot the Celtics were playing myself but I did end up catching the second half after I started flicking around the stations

Unfortunately, I missed a few great highlights from Rajon Rondo in the first half but was able to catch them on the wrap up show.  My favorite had to be the behind the back dribble that turned into a behind the back pass to Mikki Moore for a great dunk.  That's TWICE he went around the world on the way to the hoop like it ain't no thang.  You gotta love the balls Rondo has to try something like that midgame.  The funny thing is, he rarely ever messes up so it doesn't even seem like he is showboating.  He's like the new school Bob Cousy that can actually dribble with two hands.

Rondo also made another sick play when he completely smoked Westbrook without even using the pick from Bill Walker and went in for the nice one handed dunk.  I always forget how high the little guy can get up.  He ended up with 12 assists and 5 rebounds even though he only had 6 points. 

The Thunder made a move in the second half to get the game closer but the C's eventually pulled away to win big, 103-84.  Glen "Big Baby" Davis got elbowed hard in the grill and needed stitches in his forehead but he came back in the game and had a couple of nice shots including a fall away jumper (WTF?).  Paul Pierce also stepped up in the second half and ended up with 27 points after hitting an array of jumpers and great drives to the hoop. 

On a related note, Pierce also gave away 5 tickets to the game last night using only Twitter.  In the unconventional giveaway, Pierce asked fans that were interested to show up at the players parking gate wearing a Pierce jersey and to shout out the secret password "Truth".  The "winners" were then given tickets to Pierce's suite.  Very cool!

Overall, that was a nice win by the C's against against an ever improving Thunder team that is led by one of my favorite young players in the L, Kevin Durant (check out some of his ridiculous shots last night as well).  Let's hope the C's can keep the momentum going while KG and Powe continue to heal for the playoffs.

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