Thursday, March 5, 2009

Terrell Owens Released by Dallas Cowboys (WOW)

I guess we should have seen this coming but it's still crazy to hear that the Dallas Cowboys have officially released Terrell Owens. After owner Jerry Jones stating that there would not be any major moves on numerous occasions, this is a shocking move by Dallas. T.O. must be a serious team cancer if they are willing to cut someone with his talent and still have to pay up to $10 million of his contract to do so.  Things must be even worse than everyone realized. 

It's hard to think of a team that is willing to take a risk on Owens at this point in his career. He is getting older and although he can still get it done, his production has been dropping lately.  Regardless of his age though, he is still one of the best receivers in the league.  It's his emotional baggage that is the main issue.  Almost every other team in the NFL has the alpha dog receiver and bringing in T.O. could seriously hurt the chemistry of the team and the ego of the other receivers.  They all love being the man and can't handle when someone comes in to challenge them for that status. You just know there would be a fight or an issue about 5 games into the season when one of them wasn't getting enough passes. It's just a recipe for disaster.

On paper, it would be great to see Randy Moss AND Terrell Owens on the New England Patriots.  Imagine that?!?!  That would be the best receiver combo in history.  Althought he Pats coaching staff and management has been able to keep Moss in check so far, it might just be too much to deal with both of them.  I think Moss always got a bad rep and isn't as bad as people made him out to be but I think T.O. is certifiably crazy.  I don't think anyone can keep that guy in check.

I'm sure Brady would love having both of these guys in single coverage all game long because he would be sitting in the pocket making easy passes all game long.  But there is no way in hell this could work, unfortunately.  We can't have someone like T.O. pouting on the sidelines and trying to be "the show" like he does everywhere else that he has ever played. Can you see him trying to yell at Brady and/or Belichick like he did with Romo and past coaches?  There's no f'n way!  They would knock his ass out in two seconds.

Actually, maybe it could work.  The Patriots might be one of the only teams that could bring his ego back down to earth if they can convince him it might be one of his only remainng chances to win a Super Bowl ring.  It will be interesting to see where this goes in the next couple of weeks. 

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