Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Public Enemy ft. The Roots - "Bring The Noise" from Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon (SICK!)

WOW!!!  Late Night with Jimmy Fallon keeps bringing the heat with the musical performances.  This one has to be my favorite so far.  Public Enemy performs "Bring The Noise" with The Roots as the backing band.  Nasty!  Black Thought takes over for the third verse and absolutely KILLS it.  He sounded just as good if not better than Chuck D did on the original.   Can someone please give this dude the props he deserves and put him in the list of top MC's of all time?  Damn.

Flavor Flav was in the house and provided his usual hype man shenanigans.  He was just standing their like a statue for 3/4 of the song.  So random yet so awesome.  Having The Roots on board every night is so huge for Jimmy Fallon and should help the show continue to land great Hip Hop artists and also bring in many more viewers that wouldn't normally watch the show.  I need to start recording this show because I am definitely missing out on some good shit.

Since this post is about Public Enemy, I might as well give you one of the best versions of "Bring the Noise" as well.  Below is the remix/metal mash up that they did with Anthrax years ago.  This is way before rap and metal acts started performing together and was at least 10 years before Rap/Nu Metal bands like Limp Bizkit started getting popular. The collaboration was way ahead of it's time and is still one of the best mash ups ever.  I don't care if you hate metal or hard rock.  This song will still get you fired up and noddin' your head like you are some punk with long hair rockin' all black leather.  It's perfect for working out or getting ready for a fight.  You'll want to rip someone's head off after you listen to it. 


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