Thursday, March 10, 2011

Trailer for 50 Cent's New Movie "Things Fall Apart" (LOOKS HORRIBLE)

Wow.  This looks pretty bad.  I mean, this is as low budget and cliche as it gets.  I know that 50 funded this movie on his own but maybe he should have gotten a little more help from outside investors.  I know the trailer looks like shit because of the quality of the upload but even so, you can still tell that something is just off.  On top of that, the acting looks horrible, and the props and costumes are pretty subpar.  Did you see 50's dreadlocks in the beginning?  Holy shit!  It's like they just grabbed a wig from the local iParty and called it a day.  It looks ridiculous!

If you didn't hear about it before, this is the movie that 50 Cent lost 50+ pounds for back in May of last year.  I'll give 50 props for taking the role so seriously that he lost the weight but maybe it should have been for a more legit movie.  It seems like a waste to do it for this garbage.  Surprisingly, he had a few decent actors in the movie with Ray Liotta and Mario Van Peebles but I'm sure it wasn't too hard to get them.  Neither of them is exactly tearing it up these days with their acting gigs. 

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