Monday, March 7, 2011

George Mason's Green Machine Band plays Kanye's "Power" (SICK)

I don't know how this video has only 1,500 views right now but we need to get the word out because this is the shit!  As one of the commenters said "No one band should have all that power!" 

I wasn't really sure what to expect at first since sometimes a large band like this can sound like garbage when remixing a Hip Hop song but they absolutely killed it.  It helps that Kanye's "Power" is a pretty musical song with lots of layers and instruments.  Once that beat kicked in, I was hooked.  I can't stop listening to this now. 

If I was a member of the George Mason basketball team and heard this coming out of a timeout, I'm pretty sure I would immediately go take a charge or try and throw down a nasty dunk on the opposition's biggest dude because of all of the adrenaline running through me.  This shit would make you run through a wall.  

Back in high school, we had our school's jazz band play for warm ups and although it seemed kind of dorky at the time, it was actually pretty awesome looking back on it now.  They would play the Rocky theme as we came storming out of the locker room and that shit would get the place hype and have the team all fired up.  It's kind of crazy how much of a difference live music makes, regardless of what's being played.  The energy is just unreal.  

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