Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blake Griffin's Monster Dunk That Was a Charge (STILL NASTY)

Even though this was actually called a charge, it still might be one of Blake Griffin's best dunks of the year. He took off from deep and without any contact, he would have thrown that down with authority. The Suns' Marcin Gortat did a pretty good job of getting his feet set to take the charge but the main issue is whether or not he got his feet outside of the circle. It kind of looks like his heels were still inside the circle without actually touching the floor so I have no idea how you call that. Either way, the play was sick.

I found this clip while searching for the one above. It's not a dunk but it shows Blake getting fired up and ready to fight Tony Battie for the flagrant foul that he and Jodie Meeks put on him. Blake takes a ton of contact every game and doesn't get too upset so he was bound to explode one of these times. Even though this wasn't the most violent foul, I think it was a lot of pent up frustration that finally set Griffin off. Dude was about to kill Battie's old ass.

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