Friday, March 11, 2011

Guy Dupuy's Between The Legs and Over a Convertible Dunk (WHAT BLAKE GRIFFIN SHOULD HAVE DONE)

And that's how you do it!  Wow.   I'm sure most of you have seen this dunk from Guy Dupuy by now since they showed it on SportsCenter all last night and this morning but it's still worth throwing up because of how f'n awesome it is. Here's another angle:

Obviously this dunk has been done before but Dupuy does it the best by far. Here is a cool compilation of the best car jumping dunks:

Now on to the obvious. This is the dunk Blake Griffin should have done because let's be honest, the car jumping dunk he did in the NBA Dunk Contest just wasn't as impressive as everyone made it out to be. It was a fairly simple dunk and he jumped over the hood of a small sedan that was low to the ground and kind of jumped to the side of it at that. Had he thrown in a little extra with a windmill or something, it would have been more impressive. Obviously if Griffin didn't have to worry about a serious injury and potentially losing millions of dollars because of it, I'm sure he would have tried something a little more difficult.

Dupuy and other professional dunkers really have nothing to lose so they are willing to try all of the crazy shit you would only see in video games a couple of years ago. Can we just let these guys in the dunk contest already? Pros vs Amateurs. That would be sick.

I have to give the NBA a little bit of credit because they are starting to realize how good these professional dunkers are and how entertaining they can be. They actually allowed the Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown inside the building this year. They usually make them do it outdoors and it barely gets any coverage. Why couldn't they replace the awful shooting contest with this? I don't think anyone would be upset. That shit is painful. Now this is a dunk contest:

If you've been coming to for awhile, you know that I've been posting Guy Dupuy's dunks for awhile so it's nice to see him finally get some shine on the national level. The dude is easily one of the best dunkers in the world. His hops are insane and his creativity and execution are off the charts. Here are a few Dupuy classics:

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