Monday, March 14, 2011

Mac Miller - "Donald Trump" (OFFICAL VIDEO)

I've known about Mac Miller for a little while now but I never remember to download any of his mixtapes.  My brother hit me off with a copy of his new release Best Day Ever the other day and I have to admit, the shit is pretty damn hot.  One of the best songs from the album/mixtape is "Donald Trump". The video has already gained 1.5 million views in just 11 days. For an underground artist with little to know marketing, that is unbelievable!

Although he's got a weird sound going on (it's almost like a slight lisp mixed in with a permanent cold and too much saliva) he's got a sick flow and some nice wordplay.  He's been huge on the college scene for awhile now and is building his underground buzz more and more each day.  I fully expect him to be the "next big thing" on the Hip Hop scene over the next year or so.  I guess you could say he's already there but he needs to release an official record before that is complete.

Being friends with Wiz Khalifa doesn't hurt his chances for success either. Wiz is featured on the track "Keep Floatin'" and they have collaborated on numerous tracks in the past.  If he can snag just a small percentage of his fan base, the dude will be doing alright.  Who would have thought that the Pittsburgh area rap scene would ever blow up?  Shit's crazy.

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