Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Aubrey O'Day Bleeds Green? Gets Nekked for Celtics Photo Shoot (HOT)

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I'm still not sure why this chick Aubrey O'Day is still relevant (She was in the group Danity Kane that was semi-famous from the show Making the Band with Diddy back in 2008) but she got my attention with these pics.  I guess she did a photo shoot for the Celtics recently and this is one of the outtakes.  She's a Celtics fan?  That's news to me.  At least we know Maria Menounos is a C's fan because she wears green and goes to games.  It seems like Aubrey is trying to take advantage of the Celtics popularity to help her own career.  She's from California!  WTF?  Lakers fans must be pissed. 

I have no idea why the Celtics would agree to that since she's basically naked and she also is not really well known by anyone but she is pretty f'n hot so I guess I shouldn't be complaining.  Any hot bitch that's a fan of the C's is a friend of mine.  I'm looking forward to seeing the full photo shoot so I can get a glimpse of that fine ass in green a few more times...
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

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