Tuesday, March 8, 2011

High School Basketball Coach Hits Buzzer Beating 3 Pointer In Last Game (YOU READ THAT RIGHT)

I had trouble coming up with a title that made sense for this video since this is so out of the ordinary but also pretty cool.  So in case you couldn't figure out what I meant, here is a quick breakdown.  Robin Kelsch is the head coach for the Augusta High School basketball team in Augusta, Kentucky.  It was known that he was planning to retire after 13 seasons of coaching after this final game. Along with his players, he planned this last second play if everything worked out as they had hoped.  Luckily, the other team missed a free throw, Augusta got the rebound and quickly pushed it up court to hit their coach for the open three pointer.   

I assume the players told the other team and the refs because it appears that everyone played along nicely and one of the refs even threw his arms up to signal the three pointer was good.  Even the fans sounded like they knew it was coming.  The fact that everyone let this happen was pretty cool but it was taken to the next level by coach Kelsch actually hitting the deep three.  Very impressive!   That's a movie ending right there. 

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