Thursday, March 10, 2011

DJ Kitty Killin' It Behind the Decks (FUNNY)

I know this is on some dumb shit and I hate cats so this is really stepping out of my comfort zone but it was too funny to pass up.  Anything that's DJ related will at least catch my interest initially.  Luckily, this one paid off because it was pretty funny.

Had it not been for the wardrobe of a Tampa Bay Devil Rays hat and shirt plus the dope chain, I don't think this would have worked.  Someone in the comments said that they play this at Devil Rays games during rallies but that cannot be confirmed nor denied at this time.  The Rays need all the help they can get this season so if they don't use it already, they certainly should.  It could be like their own version of Anaheim's Rally Monkey.

This also reminded me of the DJ Greyboy's awesome French Bulldog Mama who has some nice scratchin' skills.  She kills it on the 1's and 2's!

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