Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Random Ish - The Neck Snapping Dunk & Baby Loves Cudi

I don't think these videos were good enough to stand on their own but when you combine them into a Random Ish post, they seem to work for some reason. This first one above is pretty self explanatory. The stupid shit held onto the rim too long and almost broke his neck. Nice one, dummy. There's a reason why God made it so you couldn't dunk. You obviously weren't smart enough to handle it. Clean it up.

Now that I have a kid, I probably find videos like this more amusing than most people but it is somewhat Hip Hop related so I'm sure you can get down. This is totally going to be my little guy in about a year when we start riding around town listening to some beats. He already got his first dose of Biggie the other day and there is more where that came from. He's gonna know how to bob his head to the beat like this little girl dancing to Cudi in no time.

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