Monday, March 7, 2011

C's Beat Bucks; Pierce Throws Down A Sick Dunk (IN THE ZONE)

I don't know what's up with Pierce this season but he looks like he added about 5" to his vertical.  He was never much of a leaper so it's kind of crazy to see him throwing down dunks like this as he gets older.  He is definitely in great shape this year and that has to be part of it but I would like to know what his secret is and if he's been focusing on jumping exercises specifically.  He has thrown down some of the best dunks of his career this season which is pretty insane.
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He had a plethora of highlights in last night's game against the Bucks.  He threw a sick behind the head pass to Kristic which was nice (and also would have been a turnover had it been stone hands Perkins) and also had another spin move on the post to blow past his defender.  He only had 23 points but it felt like more because there were so many nice plays.

Pierce is starting to play his best ball of the season at the right time.  The team is playing well and even winning games where they let the other team get back in the game after a large lead which would have been a loss the past few seasons.  It's all about timing.  If they can get fully healthy, I don't think anyone can mess with the C's right now.  And other than Big Baby, no one is crying in that locker room after a regular season loss like the bitch ass Heat. 

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