Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Vote for Your Favorite Catchphrases for the New NBA Jam on Wii (COOL)


EA Sports will be releasing a new version of NBA Jam for the Nintendo Wii this year with an expected release date of December 31, 2010.  If you couldn't guess, I am super pumped since this was one of my favorite games growing up.  I'm sure I logged hundreds, if not thousands of hours playing this game in the early 90's.

The three players for each team have already been voted on and now EA is letting the fans pick the top 4 catchphrases that will make into the game.  I hope they keep the classics like "He's heating up!", "He's on FIRE!" and "Boom-shakka-laka-laka" because those will never get old. 

EA Sports asked fans to submit suggestions for new catchphrases and they have narrowed the list down to the top 64 and are allowing the fans to vote in a March Madness type bracket format. You can hear each entry read by Tim Kitzrow (the original voice of NBA Jam) on the game's official Facebook page. Below are a few of the top choices courtesy of www.sportressofblogitude.com:

Kaboom! Region:
  • “Stuffed Tighter Than A Turkey”
  • “Droppin’ a Deuce!”
  • “That Man Has Some Dunk In His Trunk!”
  • “He Took The Candy, Pacifier And Stroller From That Baby!”
  • “Diagnosis: You Suck!”
He’s On Fire! Region:
  • “No Shoot For You!”
  • “The Third Little Piggy Could Have Used That Brick!”
  • “Where’s The Gravy After That Stuffing?”
  • “Spread That On Your Sandwich!”
  • “Call Him Airplane Food Because He’s Nasty In The Air!”
Monster Jam! Region:
  • “Shake That Bodonkadonk!”
  • “Stimulus Package!”
  • “I Got The Pancakes, You Bring The Aunt Jam-Mama!”
  • “Take That, Global Warming!”
  • “He Cleaned Him Out With That Stolen-oscopy!”
Slam-A-Jamma! Region:
  • “He Could Knit A Sock With That Cotton!”
  • “The Dutch Called, They Want Their Windills Back!”
  • “Dunkadelic!”
  • “Bow To Your Sensei!”
  • “Tang Tang, Boomerang!”

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