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Unanswered LOST Questions from (INTERESTING)

As I said the other day, I'm not going to try and do a recap of the LOST Finale or the series as a whole because there is just too much going on and I'm still trying to put it all together.  I was happy with how they wrapped up the series but there are a lot of LOST nerds out there that are pissed that they didn't answer every single question.  Relax people.  It's not that serious. 

I did find an article on some random blog that does a pretty good job of summarizing the finale. Check it out when you have a few minutes:

I'm still not going to do a recap, but this video above got me thinking.  In my opinion, you're an ass if you think they were going to answer everything because they would need another 3-5 seasons just to make sense of all of the questions that are still lingering.  I think a lot of these things were made up a long the way and the writers didn't know how to connect them in the end so they just left them hang out there and now it is working to their benefit because people will continue to talk about LOST even when it's long gone.

Also, most of the answers to these questions don't really help the story evolve much because they just weren't that important or it was more interesting to let the viewers make up their own opinions.  I think this strategy will help keep LOST popular for years to come just like a good movie that has a ton of questions in the end.  Think Donnie Darko and other crazy movies that make you think.  Do you like the movie any less because you were a little confused at the end?  Hell no!  That shit was awesome!

The writers of LOST always said they knew how they would end the series but they didn't know exactly how they were going to get there past the first pilot episode.  That should tell you right there that at some point they were just throwing stuff against the wall and seeing what sticks.   You can't be mad at them if you were still entertained.  Isn't that the whole point?  

A few things that possibly prove they made things up as they went were the following. Supposedly, Mr. Eko (aka Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) was supposed to be in the series for much longer but he asked to be written off because of a desire to return home to London after the passing of his parents. I heard a rumor that he actually had off screen conflicts with Locke (aka Terry O'Quinn) and wanted to be killed off because of it.  He also passed on showing up in the finale which sounds like he was still holding a grudge and/or there actually was something to that story.  He played a really big role in the first few seasons so it would have made sense for him to show up in the church.  I don't know if that's true but take it for what it's worth. 

Another "fact" that I found interesting was in regards to Ben who originally appeared as Henry Gale.  The LOST writers only had him scheduled for 3 episodes but when he became popular as a polarizing villain, they decided to leave him in.  Imagine LOST without Ben wreaking havoc all over the island?  It would be a very different series.  
Anyway, the above "Unanswered LOST Questions" video from was meant to be funny in a pissed off kind of way but they actually brought up a lot of things that I totally forgot about.  Many people in the Comments Section have stated that a lot of these questions were answered subtly, if not directly but I can't say I knew more than a handful. I'm sure most regular LOST fans would feel the same.  

Someone took the time to give some quick answers but I'm not sure how accurate it is or how much of it is opinion.  You will have to pause the video each time there is a question and keep track of what number you are on which might drive you crazy since there are 89 of them but it's still interesting, nonetheless. Check it:

Unanswered LOST Questions:
1- Because he could
2- The heart of the island
3- Used by writers to create intrigue
4- Lost
5- because Claire was a candidate
6- Walt was special and on a list
7- letter sent by -who cares
8- walt is special and saw the hatch was like Pandoras box
9- JJ Abrams choice
10- Walt is special
11- Walt is special
12- The horse and other animals could be MIB
13- Because of Widmore
14- lock down for containment/writing was Kelvin
15-Henry Gale accidentaly landed on island killed by others
16-Libby volunteer to stay at mental hospital
17- continuity error/unresolved
18- continuity error/unresolved
19- because he was told to
20- who cares who Libbys husband was
21- polar bears keep their kill
22- toy truck came from Tyco
23- hatch implosion survival=Locke candidate Mr eko ?
24- because the island wouldnt let him
25-Mr Eko was being scanned/ Mr Eko wasnt candidate
26- your next to be judged by the island
27- dead bodies on island become MIB
28- they didnt talk to Jacob
29- no pregnant rule from fake Mother after she killed Claudia
30- dont know who cares
31- supply drop menu was only for the russian to solve
32- falling star
33- unknown how monk know Eloise-nice catch though
34- continuity error/unresolved
35- Ben killed others in Purge
36- Annie? seriously?
37- Desmond saw multiple futures
38- he was MIB at one point
39- Because Lockes a candidate
40- MIB
41- from Widemore
42- who cares
43- island has time distortion further out you get from mainlan
44- Ben wanted revenge on Widmore by killing his allys
45- Because he didnt think Widmore would go that far
46- Jack had delusions while on pills seeing dad off island
freighter was purgatory Christian Shephard
47- continuity error
48- smoke monster effin with Locke
49- who cares
50- Miles has nothing to go back home to
51- island is mystical and gets cold at that donkey wheel
52-because they were candidates
53- desmond is special
54- widmores men
55- who cares
56- C4
57- continuity error/unresolved
58- Widmore
59- Ben trying to get Kate to go back to the island
60- before Dogen and crew
61- anti smoke temple= once Dogen became protector
62- seriously...this is getting to be too much BS questions
63- candidates
64- Sun was not a candidate
65- Richard doesnt die
66- who cares
67- many ppl have come to the island for thousands of years
68- Rousseu was nuts and Widmore was evil or testing Ben
69- Because none of them shouldve gone back in time
70- easy the Purge
71- Jacob
72- Jacob made the rules
73- the candidates duh!
74- actor error Sayid is a british actor
75- infection is MIB influence on ppl
76- poison pill because Sayid was a candidate cant directly kill
77- he was confused young Jacob was even there
78- Dogen was given powers by Jacob to protect temple
79-Cindy and kids went scattering into jungle
80- love was stronger than death/ baby Kwon would be ok
81- Claudia came from Across the Sea
82- Other mother came from Mesopotamia
83- continuity error/unresolved
84- light was power of life
85- magic wine, magic river water, Avian...who cares?
86- electromagnetic spots were possible light well source
87- because desmond is special
88- Sayid had to let go of what he couldnt have, Nadia
89- Because they werent on the island long enough to have
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