Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fat Joe Ft. Young Jeezy - "Ha Ha (Slow Down)" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Fat Joe's new track "HA HA (Slow Down)" has to be one of the hardest songs out right now.  It's been awhile since we've heard a radio/video single that was just Beats and Rhymes.  I don't even think it would even matter who was rappin' over this beat because it is so damn nasty but Fat Joe and Young Jeezy made sure there wasn't any question about it and brought the heat on their verses as well.

You probably recognize the "HA HA" sample from something but you might not be able to place it right away.  It's a sample from Soul II Soul's hit "Back II Life" which is one of my favorite tracks from the late 80's and probably one of the more underrated club hits of its time.  This song is an absolute classic and still stands the test of time.  If you released this today, I still think it could be a hit.

Fat Joe is getting a lot of props for this song but he's not the first to think of sampling Soul II Soul.  Maino's song "However Do You Want It" uses the same sample and even adds in vocals from the hook.  I think I like the Fat Joe version better because it's a little more subtle but both tracks are dope as shit.

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