Tuesday, May 18, 2010

MyTown: Boston With Brian Scalabrine (YARDBARKER.COM INTERVIEW)

YardBarker.com put together a decent little interview with the Celtics' ginger, Brian Scalabrine.  Some of the highlights include Scal getting some special treatment by a North End restaurant owner to ward off evil spirits for the playoffs, plus a trip down Newbury Street to relive the 2008 Championship parade and some fun at his favorite park.  Here are his two best quotes.  Right on, Scal!

“Boston is the best of both worlds…convenience of a smaller city, but it has the culture and all the amenities of a New York…I like Boston better than all the cities I’ve ever been to, even the cities that I travel to…it’s the perfect type of city for me.”

“Boston fans are what makes Boston, Boston. If it weren’t for them, we’d just be another city. Our fans – with the love-hate relationship of sports – makes us who we are and makes the city who it is.”

I've had a love/hate relationship with Scal over the years.  On one hand, I can't stand him because he is an overplayed 12th man (at best) who gets more minutes than he really deserves, most likely because he has some blackmail pictures of Doc locked away in a safe somewhere.  Even with a bench full of nice role players this season, Doc still found a way to get Scal in there for more than 9 minutes a game.  That's just too many minutes that could have been given to more deserving players such as Sheldon Williams who ended up being buried on the end of the bench for most of the season even though he always seemed to outperform Scal when he got some PT.

On the other hand, Scal seems like a really nice guy and can even be pretty funny at times so I guess I don't really hate the guy on a personal level.  In all honesty, I can't really be mad at him for being able to work himself into a decent contract and make a few million dollars.  It was the Celtics that decided to overpay him by giving him a 5 year, $15 million contract.  It's just tough seeing him get out there and looking like ridiculously slow and out of shape while bricking threes all over the place when we could have had someone much better for the same amount of money.  Once in awhile, he does get in a zone and starts draining threes which helps me forget about his contract for at least a few minutes but then reality sets back in.

I think he is setting himself up for the near future with interviews like this plus his radio gig on 98.5 because he knows his career is on the downside.  I give him credit for seeing the writing on the wall.  I think he might end up staying in Boston next year based on some of things he said about how he loves the city but I have a feeling he won't be playing with the Celtics...

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